Nuance Art Gallery 27.09.2018

Levent More “Revitalisation” painting

From 9th to 20th of October, Nuance Gallery presents the solo exhibition “Revitalisation” by Levent More. Levent More first studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul, followed by the Hochschule fuеr Angewandte Kunst in Vienna by Prof. Adolf Frohner.

Nowadays, the artist lives and works in Sofia and Vienna, his main atelier is located in the Kazanlak Rose Valley, Bulgaria.

The canvas for the exhibition are from this year, painted according to a preliminary known project for the space of Nuance Gallery. On October 9, at 6W30 pm, the exhibition will be opened at Nuance Gallery by architect Wolf D. Prix who is counted among the originators of the deconstructivist architecture movement. COOP HIMMELB(L)AU had its international breakthrough with the invitation to the exhibition “Deconstructivist Architecture” at MoMA New York in 1988. Over the years Wolf D. Prix/ COOP HIMMELB(L)AU was awarded numerous international architecture awards.

A catalog – “Revitalisation” was published for the exhibition. About the works of Levent More from the writer Zheniya Dimova: The first expression I would use to describe the beginning of the journey called Levent Moréʼs world is coming to life, or revitalization. The contemplation of his paintings is an action evoking risky diving. Immersion, reemergence. At the same time reflection, in whirling unison with the colors outside and the process of diving into the spiritual depth of emotions.

Black as a color! The play with its achromatic neutrality expresses emotions which only observe the BOUNDARY between colors! Rich colors, colors on the boundary of rawness, surrounded by soft curving shapes; brush strokes, crude and strong, like large pictograms or symbols, painted in black upon the canvas of consciousness, as if engulfing the rest of the colors. At the same time enhancing them! There is no playing with chiaroscuro (unlike the previous expressionist periods of the artist). REVITALISATION has this definitive quality which is associated with black: it has its boundaries. The artistʼs sensitivity for the colorful and his enthusiastic freedom, or shall I say, his exuberant expressive colors contrast with his obvious relentless attachment to the black color.

The paintings are associative – that is the artistʼs intention (the absence of title for the works points to this). Association is a personal thing, private and intimate. The observer is given the freedom to indulge in making this bond between memories, feelings, sensations, all that unrealized wholeness in the innermost world of the individual, which comes to life upon stimulation through art. A journey of remembering things you have forgotten about…